3rd NNI Berlin Dialogue- Report back
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3rd NNI Berlin Dialogue- Report back

NNI FiT, Wiebke Renner, facilitated a 3rd NNI Berlin Dialogue on the 29.04.17 and this is what she has to say….

“Facilitating this dialogue was such an enriching experience. It gave me so much hope for our world because we got to see the innate strength and resilience of human beings, the creativity and resourcefulness that lives in every system.

The topic chosen was “How do we communicate?” themes in the topic were longing for deeper, more meaningful conversations and how our insecurities and assumptions run many of our daily unsatisfying conversations. What could be more valuable than deep dialogue to let the system experience communication patterns and teach itself.

A big thank you to the brave souls who jumped into the 3rd dialogue in Berlin. A true celebration of diversity! Real conflict. Real anger. Real vulnerability. And finally, lots of love and free flow of energy!” Love, Wiebke


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