NNI FiT (Facilitators-in-Training)

Would you like to facilitate NNI group dialogues?

“No-Name Initiative” (NNI) was launched in South Africa as a pro-bono initiative with an agenda to create true dialogue in families, communities, towns, countries, across cultures, across religions, across political beliefs, and over and beyond personal perspectives. A mixture of Worldwork and coaching principles is used to facilitate a group process about a difficult/pressing topic the group/community/company needs to address. No issue or topic is taboo. In the context of South Africa’s history this has the potential to serve as a medium for more healing of our past and present, as well as to create the space for dreaming and nation building looking towards the future. In the greater context of our world, the NNI is about open forum embedded in Deep Democracy.

Founder of the NNI, Jonelle Naude´, first introduced her research at the Rainbow Convention of the Global Coaching Community (2011) which provided insight into how best to overcome unresolved issues that prevent people from taking a stand on matters that are holding them back. A key element of NNI is the dialogue process which provides citizens with a platform to express, listen and witness in a way that accesses the underlying emotional field and supports empowerment and active citizenry.

Would you like to learn out to facilitate these dialogues? Do you enjoy helping or supporting people to talk about the hard truths? Come and be part of the pioneering group of empowered citizens – ignite transformational dialogue in South Africa

The next opportunity to get TRAINED as an NNI facilitator by NNI founder Jonelle Naude´ will be:

Dates:   17-21 March 2017
Time:      9:30 – 18:00 each day

Venue: Durban


The training is R2500. There are half and full scholarships available so that becoming an NNI facilitator can remain as inclusive and accessible as possible.

By attending this training you commit yourself to run one NNI facilitation session per month for the next year. You will be supported to initiate, host and facilitate these dialogues in your homes, schools, places of work, worship and at community gatherings. The objective is to develop a strong first cohort of facilitators.

Workshop participants are very welcome to make a donation to the NNI. All contributions big or small are warmly received.

If you feel called to make a difference and want to contribute to co-creating a healthier country – this initiative is for you. The time for all of us to become more empowered and active citizens is now. We have a unique opportunity to facilitate a process that will involve us in the co-creation and further unfolding of our South African-ness.

2017 Trainings:
Cape Town