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Berlin dialogue August: “contribution”:

The challenge of making a meaningful contribution in a world where everything seems so separate, where so many parallel worlds seem to exist next to each other – one not seeing the other, where there is so much suffering, and systemically/historically the access to resources is so unfair. The group went through a deep process of expressing anger and pain, fear and protection, entitlement and shame, excitement and understanding, despair and connection. Here some of the learnings:

· The psychology of entitlement is not rational.

· What are we entitled to? Human rights have a low bar!

· Justice needs to happen.

· The entitled live in fear (and shame – if they can access it)

· Access to emotional literacy/agility and intuition is as important or more important than access to resources.

· We need the charge (e.g. anger) as energy!

· Let’s celebrate our capacity and possibility.

· We do know how to!

· I can only do what I can do.

· All voices are teaching us something.

· I am systemic and all voices literally live in me, especially emotionally.

· Listen! Listen! Listen! Listen! Listen…

Participants committed to taking significant actions, many of them in the neighbourhood of connecting with people they tend to avoid, and raising awareness about entitlement and privilege. Thank you everyone for your huge contribution within and through this Dialogue!


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