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Blog post from a facilitator

A brilliant blog post about our NNI Facilitator training, and the outcomes and work that followed. Thank you Paula for putting your experiences into words:

I’m going to give a training in London next month, do you want to join?’, said the founder of nni (no name initiative), an admirable woman I trust. That would be her first dialogue facilitation training in London, after years of running it successfully in South Africa.
The invitation came during one of those phases when I needed novelty (which happens more often than I dare to admit to myself). I had no idea what a ‘dialogue’ was, if there was any difference versus the uncountable business facilitations I did during my career or if it was like group coaching. I was curious, so I decided to check…
That training was life changing beyond the technical learnings. I always had an urge to ‘save the world’, but never found a way to start. But in a world where polarisation is the order of the day, and people are increasingly struggling to listen and understand the other (or even themselves), the course gave me a tool to start changing this near me.
Since then, I facilitated 10 dialogues in my community, with topics ranging from ‘fear of terrorism’, ‘religion in today’s world’, ‘materialism’, ‘racial justice’ and ‘polarisation’. The next will be about ‘loneliness’. These are big social themes that evoke big emotions. I learnt a lot about them, about people and about how group dynamics (or systems) work and change. Most importantly, people who participate have a safe space to share their views; feel heard and respected, whatever their perspectives; increase their self awareness; understand ‘the other’ and feel empowered to make shifts in their own lives.
Is this a drop in the ocean? Maybe. But every movement starts somewhere and nni has been in this journey for years. I’m proud of being part of it and, thanks to my curiosity, doing my share to change the world, one drop at a time.


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