Cape Town Dialogue Feb 2019
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Cape Town Dialogue Feb 2019

2019 in Cape Town will hold a free dialogue every month! We had our first one of the year, and it was a great success. People from all over CT were there to dialogue the topic of ‘Our #@$€£¥ Economy’! A global nni agent pair was facilitating this one: Adelaide from CT and Wiebke all the way from Berlin ?

“18 people came to engage in an NNI Dialogue on the topic of “Our #@$€£ Economy”.

We got to feel a huge amount of anger and blame, we saw how hard it is to really see and listen to each other, and the pain that comes with that.
We got to see impatience and a strong wish to help, but how? We heard that collaborating with other rescuers is easier and more satisfying than listening to the victim that doesn’t present its view points in a way that’s easy to take. We saw the ambiguity that lives in succeeding despite the system.

With “Thuma Mina” and “mind shift needs to happen” holding the space, the system started seeing and acknowledging its pain and anger, frustration and resilience, hope and love. Towards the end there seemed to be more space for all voices to be seen. An uplifted energy and palpable sense of “We are all part of the solution” was present.

Dialogue participants claimed their responsibility as pro-active citizens and committed to significant actions, such as sponsoring children’s education, bringing Dialogue into their communities (4 people have dedicated to this as their A&A), as well as attending Dialogues in areas they’d usually not visit. Kudos to all the brave people who did some powerful and not easy work for the greater system!”

These dialogues will be held monthly. Please see our events calender for more information.


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