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Consciousness Café NNI Dialogue for Heritage Day

The amazing Consciousness Café SA, held an NNI Dialogue for Heritage Day. Together the facilitators brought out the deep truths and experiences that may be uncomfortable, but are necessary to face to access healing, for ourselves and our country. “In discomfort there is growth.”

“Consciousness Café a last minute change of venue may have affected our numbers. We were a small group with the majority white people. There was an awareness of voices missing from the conversation. The topic chosen was “An open conversation about pain, anger, shame and violence in South Africa”. The dialogue started with these four voices. At first pain and anger were the strongest voices in the room. Pain was a multi-layered voice expressing the pain experienced by black South Africans, Africans from other countries and white South Africans. Anger expressed frustration with resistance to change and a feeling of battling alone. Many in the room identified with that experience. Violence gave the group insight into how difficult it is to break out of a cycle if that is all you have ever known. Shame broke through its paralysis to acknowledge it’s own role as white people in history still benefiting from the system. After some time hope entered the room. The privileged voice of “get over it” was confronted. There was a communal longing for a new start, perhaps starting with a cleansing ceremony we can all take part in. To close off the space we came up with our own ceremonial act which symbolized an accepting of our own shadow side, our own contribution to the problems we experience. In discomfort there is growth.”

We thank the photographer Madoda Mkhubeni for our beautiful photos.


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