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Consciousness Cafe NNI Dialogue Youth Day 2018

Consciousness Cafe are NNI facilitators who host amazing NNI dialogues around the country. On important days they have essential dialogues: 16th of June was no exception.

Consciousness Cafe’s June 16 2018 Dialogue was a dynamic one.
Facilitators Keke Shabangu and Lungi Sokhulu were overwhelmed and inspired when over 60 students from Westbury High schools joined the youth dialogue at Constitution hill at 12 pm.
The topics that came up already showed us the kind of world we are living in, where teenagers in high school are affected by and want to speak about abuse, drugs in prisons, human trafficking, bullying, gangsterism and drug and alcohol abuse – among others.
Drug and alcohol abuse among our teenagers was the topic chosen for discussion, and the group was taken to a deep reflection about why this is a problem. Poverty, broken families, peer pressure, I don’t know any better, were some of the issues put forward as to why our teenagers suffer form drug and alcohol abuse.
The group had to leave suddenly and the adults who were left over were left with an overwhelming heaviness and hopelessness. Being faced with the real issues that our youth are dealing with left us with a disparaging sense of powerlessness and despair.
The dialogue evolved further, with parents and teachers stepping in to share their challenges and frustrations, leading to ideas and solutions and an overwhelming desire to hold hands and offer assistance where we can. Adults in the room offered mentorship to the learners, computer training, skills development as well as further Consciousness Café dialogues to be carried out in the community. Many members of the group expressed interest in the upcoming NNI training in order to somehow offer the support needed in too many of our communities.

This youth day brought us to the centre of what the youth is living, we were forced to look into it and see where we can fit in to be part of the solution. We are motivated and apprehensive but very aware of what our joint responsibilities are to move forward.


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