CT FiT training Day 1 - NNI process
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Jonelle Naude
CT FiT training Day 1 – NNI process

During the Cape Town FiT 5day Intensive Training, we ran an NNI process for 4/5 days as experiential learning and training for the FiTs. Important shifts occurred in the group and individual participants alike in each process. We thought it was valuable to share the essence of each NNI process, as sharing forms part of taking the insight, action and energetic shift (often healing) outwards and onwards into our wider communities.

So here is a snap shot of the NNI process on Day !:

This nni process was about Cape Town. An underlying theme in the dream/vision for cape town was for greater connection and belonging… As we moved deeper into dialogue the voice of the marginislied indigenous first world peoples of the Cape strengthened enough to be able to share her grief, her pain and her loss. This voice came to teach us about our own disconnect from the spirit world, our disconnect from our history, our disconnect from our Loss. We need to grieve our loss. More than that we need to acknowledge our own (and our communities’) spiritual disconnect with the land. We need to keep on creating a central space for the voice of the indigenous to share her deep pain, to help us all process the genocide of the original peoples of the Cape, to acknowledge the deceased, to help us remember and/be taught – and help us all to reconnect.
From witnessing and deep listening, the voice of patriarchal masculinity offered a deep and moving space of compassion, holding and apology. This was heard and welcomed by both the indigenous peoples position as well as the marginalized feminine role. From the healing and transformation the group created powerful actions to take back into their wider communities and family systems.


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