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Farewell to Busi

More than year ago, Busi (our previous admin person) moved her position to lead NNI Outreach for us. She did an amazing job and forged a sturdy path for NNI to become a trusted name in some of the most conflicted areas in the Western Cape! With her calm, patient but persistent presence, she built strong relationships and structures with NNI and CWD to bring transformative and healing processes to traumatized communities. Busi is now stepping out as NNI outreach due to other career and family opportunities. However, as an advanced NNI Agent of NNI Ignite and a facilitator for NNIDI, she remains a big part of our community! We include a few words from Busi:

“Hello all from Busi. It’s been 3 full years since I’ve been at NNI. I started in an Admin role and moved over to an Outreach role: I must be biased and say I loved Outreach more . Interacting with stakeholders creating those relationships has been phenomenal! Unfortunately my time at NNI Ignite has come to an end, however I will still be an active Facilitator
Coach. Kindly welcome whoever will be replacing me and love them as you love me. Wishing you a 2018 full of transformational possibilities


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