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Grabouw NNI CC Dialogue

Last night at Liberty Books – Grabouw Mall NNI Agent Sascha facilitated an NNI Consciousness Café.

“We had 11 participants + me and the topic was Entitlement – why do we have it and what are we going to do about it.

Our group agreed that entitlement was a complex issue that varied in impact and meaning depending on the context. It was agreed that on the whole entitlement was not constructive in society and that we needed to carefully consider the expectations we set up for our children. Particularly because moving into a community and workplace carrying entitlement would leave children with false ideas and sets them up to fail. Some parents within the group expressed disappointment with the way that their children had reacted to being given as much as possible and often in the face of much sacrifice, they saw too late that saving and protecting their children had not helped them grow. Some of the group, who are these children, spoke of the expectations that are held of them as a real trap and a hindrance to family relationships. We agreed that entitlement occurred in the absence of respect. Many of us chose listening as an action, mostly because we saw that someone who was genuinely heard would be less likely to make entitled assumptions, and that someone whose needs were met was less likely to take what they want.”


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