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Inner Voice Dialogues with the Primrose Community

Inner Voice Dialogues: Allow your Inner Voice to be heard. Inner Voice Dialogues facebook

Tamara, Khaya and Max, the NNI FiTs team: Inner Voice Dialogues, work with the Primrose community, and hosted their third community dialogue in Primrose, Germiston on the 15th of October 2016.

The topic chosen was the hot subject of #feesmustfall – and the teachings that came with it were refreshing and unexpected.

Some of the dialogue voices –

Andile said: “The conclusion that someone in order to qualify to study for free in the university, must give their best at high schools to be granted a free university education.”

While Ngwepe wrote: “The most powerful part for me was that fees must fall and students should be granted affordable university fees.”

And last but not least, Machakas realisation: “To let out your voice and be heard, (the) voice has emotion because (the) situation paralysed it.”

Thank you to each and every participant for attending our dialogue and continuing the #feesmustfall conversation in a safe and healing space.



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