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NNI Berlin – July 21

“On a hot summer weekend day, 8 brave people chose to stay for 5 hours in Dialogue.
The topic chosen was CONFLICT/FIGHT. What a courageous decision! It sounded like an important topic on many levels, both in personal relationships and also in the global theme of a politically divided society.
The dream looked alive and energetic, far from peaceful harmony. It was clear that once today’s conflict issues are resolved, we’ll actually be able to speak and disagree more openly, honestly and confidently. Clearly, our capacity to be with diversity would have grown enourmously.
What surfaced during the Dialogue were all the many ways how facing conflict is being avoided, and also the frustration and anger that comes with that. It was only when anger and well-educated were facing each other, and anger still wasn’t able to express and be heard, that all the pain that lives in well-educated became visible. Finally, a good amount of pain had a chance to be expressed and heard. We left the Dialogue with a sense of relief, love, connection, excitement, but also discomfort and more pain.
One of the golden learnings we heard is: When we allow anger to be expressed without being directed at someone, we do not know what will come out. Maybe pain.
In general, most of the learnings were about our ability/inability to express emotions and the cost of that. Also inquiries around: Are women more easily ready to express pain, while men are more easily able to express anger? What is our relationship with anger?
A hot spot arouse during the harvesting when a woman said the voice of power had transformed when it was inhabited by a woman and not a man. A lot of energy for another Dialogue…
I am so proud of this Dialogue group and the shift that happened. Thank you!” – NNI Agent


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