NNI Cape Town 4th August Dialogue
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NNI Cape Town 4th August Dialogue

On the 4th of August NNI Special Agents Roger and Dave, organised and facilitated an NNI in Cape Town. The chosen topic was “Providing a common space and place within and between communities/groups.:

“Dreams for this included: Empowerment, safety, being heard, respected, acknowledged, cared for valued, ability to overcome regrets, disappointments/past, children are educated understand what it is to be human beings, spark for connection is present, connecting with out human essence, freedom of choice to be the best you can be and want to be.

The initial voices were danger, ‘oversimplified boxes’, blame, fear, ‘guises and lies we tell ourselves’, stereotyping and shutdown. We then entered a deeper place of ‘helplessness’ and pride as barriers to such a desired place. Then there emerged the voice of “judgement dropped’, and empathy and choice. Each person provided personal actions and accountabilities to take forward.

Participants, 3 of whom were completely new to the NNI process, were appreciative of the opportunity to pause, dialogue and allow shifts to happen for them and in them. Each came away with definite actions and each remained open to the ongoing value and contribution that our transformational dialogue process can add for further human connection.”


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