NNI Dialogue on the 6th October
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NNI Dialogue on the 6th October
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for-website-logo2Facilitator in training Vera Facilitated an NNI Dialogue on the 6th October:
“In the dialogue I facilitated on Thursday, there seemed to be a growing awareness of the power of the black majority to effect change and the responsibility that comes with awareness and privilege.
Some of the challenging questions that participants were asking themselves, included: When I am in a position of enlightenment and privilege, what am I going to do to empower others? What am I willing to sacrifice to see the dream becoming a reality? Do we stand up and become uncomfortable for the sake of the greater majority? Who sustains the systems? Is the plight of the majority in the minority’s hands? Who holds the power? Am I underestimating my power?
It was a privilege to be part of the process!”


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