NNI Dialogue Berlin 8 December
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NNI Dialogue Berlin 8 December

“Four power women came to dive deeply into Dialogue on the topic of trust. While the topic remained quite open, there clearly was one specific and important question in the air: What does it mean to trust myself and others in relationships? We experienced the struggle between following and celebrating our impulses while respecting and maintaining healthy boundaries. We also discovered a fair amount of anger underneath control, including fear to express anger and shame after having expressed it. (Is that a female habit?) Finally, the courageous release of the heated energy (anger) brought clarity and created a deeper level of mutual respect and appreciation! We learned that trust is dependent on truthful expression of thoughts and feelings, even if that is uncomfortable or creates momentary conflict. Fear was also a wonderful teacher. As it got our attention it morphed quickly into freedom and showed us that there is “more than one way”. Thank you to the brave women who came and co-created a space of truth, vulnerability, love and… TRUST.”

NNI Agent Wiebke


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