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NNI Dialogue Institute with Child Protection Collaborative

On Friday 8th March NNI Dialogue Institute facilitated a dialogue with Child Protection Collaborative. NNIDI Facilitator-coaches Roger and Karen lead this dialogue to deeper and more transformative levels.

*A NNI Ignite Dialogue was the perfect way for the Child Protection Collaborative (CPC) to start 2019. Committed member organisations of the CPC – all of whom work with children in one way or the other – attended the dialogue and did the work for the larger system.

It was an immensely powerful dialogue which Karen and Roger skilfully facilitated and the system easily and with high regard entered into moments of essence. It seemed to be an almost cathartic process for NGO professionals in this sector who are continuously faced with the carnage of violence and abuse against children.

The voice of the CHILD and the voice of HORROR interacted in its chilling reality…the voices of CHILD PROTECTION, the SYSTEM and the PARENT frustrated the CHILD more than HORROR and VIOLENCE because of the CHILD’s lack of trust in these voices. RAGE emerged, and when RAGE felt pain; it almost made it’s way over to HORROR as that seemed more attractive for a moment – HORROR seemed to be more consistent and more powerful. But HORROR also emerged as a double-sided with an element of feeling numb. The CHILD was silenced by the other voices and eventually left the room. This was a true moment of essence.

When putting together Actions and Accountabilities, it was the most simple strategies that triumphed and provided the group with hope. A report will be put together, the Reference Group of the CPC will gather and the entire CPC will come together again within the next month to finalise the strategy according to what emerged in this dialogue. The CPC was intentional about crystalising the strategic vision for the journey forward; and the first step was most definitely accomplished in this dialogue with more dialogues to follow”
– Lynn-Joy Participant and NNI Agent


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