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NNI Dialogue at the KnowThy Farmer restaurant

On Monday 15 May we held an NNI Dialogue at the KnowThy Farmer restaurant, Oude Moullen Eco Village.

“Participants were a group of 9 workers including the management. Among the topics put forward they eventually chose the topic “How do we find balance between structure and flow?” competing with “Men are Trash” until we settled for the former. The dialogue went into fits and starts, partly because there was a strong presence of an ancient voice (Innate design) that presented a compelling “argument’ that kept pulling us back to its message of ‘we have lost the value of natural foods and we should obey the laws of nature as our guide to life and that of symbiosis drawing our attention to team work. It was when the voice of Fear showed us vulnerability that the group could crossover the edge. ”
-NNI Agent Lawrence


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