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NNI Dialogue at KnowthyFarmer on Monday 12th June 2017

“It is becoming a habit now. I mean the habit of conducting an NNI at the offices of the KnowthyFarmer restaurant in the Oude Moulen Village near Pinelands.

The decision by the management to not facilitate but participate even gave more power to the dialogue. Some moments that touched me where the obvious quiet voices gradually feeling comfortable to claim more space in the dialogue and very deep issues were brought forward about insecurity, trust to talk to the bosses during working hours. Incidentally one of the topics was how do we behave in front of the boss when I am merely a worker and when or where does one leave their personal burdens that might cause them to be distracted during work yet they simply cannot wish away their individual issues just like that when they arrive for work. Both Management and workers shared their very intimate concerns with each other without recriminations or feeling victimised and this I have a sense it was ‘true’ because after the dialogue they share a meal together all ten at the same table and the bonding continued.”
– NNI Agent Lawrence


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