The nni Process

An NNI can take anything form 1.5 to 4/5 hours. We generally suggest to allow 4 hours for a full nni dialogue. The process could roughly be explained in 5 phases (see below), but keep in mind that any nni dialogue has an organic flow which enjoys priority over and above the 5 phases.

In essence the NNI aims to:
  • provide an opportunity for citizens to express their current lived experience as citizens, and the underlying emotional field
  • support marginilised voices to come out and be heard
  • facilitate a proven transformational group dialogue; and
  • engender individual and collective ownership by co-creating personal and community actions and accountability structures

A snap shot of the NNI process

1. Dreaming

Visioning and dreaming into possibility

Creating both individual and shared visions

Speaking out and enforcing vision

On the flip side of this, this process usually also brings up the inner and cultural saboteurs and “problems”.

2. Group (dialogue) process

Transformational group dialogue using principles of deep democracy, Worldwork and coaching.

3. Connection

Building connection; crossing divides; being in relationship

4. Personal action and accountability

Bringing it back to the individual/internal and making it real:  Everyone has a chance to go back inside and explore what has shifted / what is new / what is different / what is possible / because of this experience they just had.

From there they start brainstorming specific actions:

  • what is it that they will do / do differently
  • by when
  • and how will their accountability partner/s know
5. Sharing and community

This is a space for voicing commitments, witnessing, togetherness, celebration, building structures, asking for help, group accountabilities, creating accountability-partners, completing.

The NNI group process facilitates dialogue, understanding and change. This process supports the belief that once we feel heard and understood as human beings, it then becomes easier to let go of what has been holding us back and invite change and transformation. From the new emotional field, change and practical solutions becomes easier.