NNI Diversity Dialogue, October 2017
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NNI Diversity Dialogue, October 2017

NNI Special Agent Vera’s Diversity Dialogues are simply amazing. Doing regular dialogues with the same communities is possibly one of the best ways to encourage real action and accountability.

“At our Diversity Dialogue on Saturday 28 October, the topic chosen was “white fragility”. People in the room were willing to represent the voices of white supremacy, denial, black pain, shame and guilt, and identity. It emerged that there was some experiential struggling with identity in both white and black circles. When the voice of white supremacy spoke, there was a regular expression of frustration, anger, resentment, even vengeance from the voice of black pain. Conversations between these two voices often became a blame game. When the voice of shame and guilt vulnerably expressed embarrassment and shame, hope entered the room and there was a greater sense of connection. The cycle of public discourse that often deteriorates to finger pointing needs to be broken – we left thinking about how we could contribute to making an alternative interaction possible…”


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