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INTRO Training for NNI facilitators

The 2020 Trainings:

Gauteng South Africa:27th May -31st May 2020

Geneva 2020 (contact for more information. Dates TBA)

An Introduction to Facilitating Transformational Dialogue  The 5 day Intensive Intro

– for Facilitators, Coaches, Change management- & Organisational Development- practitioners, Catalysts, Community leaders, Civil society mobilisers, Human beings wanting to further greater global and local equality…

This is neither usual ‘facilitation’ nor usual ‘dialogue’ – it is learning to be a dialogue warrior; how to guide any team, group or community to their edge, and facilitate their transformative process in order to cross safely to a new paradigm: 

Learn how to: Navigate your way through the contexts of equality, social justice and transformation as it pertains to your industry and community – Deconstruct and work with your own realities of rank, power and privilege, and how they impact society and organisations, teams and group work – Take a group or team through the NNI ‘U-bend’ – Listen and identify the different underlying energetic positions and voices within a system – Work with any disturber in a group, team or community – Create the access and safety to allow the unspoken to be spoken (even the taboo) – Facilitate the ‘marginalized’ voice into a ‘central position’ – Facilitate group, and individual expression: from content level to emotion level – Facilitate a group to access a state of Presencing – Facilitate collective and systemic expression and revelation – Identify stuck energy in the system and unlock it to expand capacity

Founder of the NNI, Jonelle Naude ́ first introduced her research at the Rainbow Convention of the Global Coaching Community (2011) which provided insight into how best to overcome unresolved issues that prevent people from taking a stand on matters that are holding them back.  A key element of NNI is the dialogue process, which provides us with a platform to express, listen and witness in a way that accesses the individual’s and group’s underlying emotional field, allows it to ‘come out and be heard’ and consequently shifts its energy.

The nature of the intensive training is typically ‘contextual experiential’ training. This means you will primarily ‘learn by doing’ and ‘learn through experiencing’. NNI has built an excellent track record since 2012 and to date we have trained over 90 facilitators in transformational dialogue spread across South Africa, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Kenya, Germany, Switzerland, UK, Italy, Netherlands, and Norway. The NNI methodology has also been presented and applied in different international conferences such as Global Coaching Convention 2011 in South Africa, the ICF (International Coach Federation) Advance Conference (Washington DC, 2013), at the ACTO (Association for Coach Training Organisations) conference in Florida, 2014, and at the Anti-Racism Network of SA conference in 2016.

 If you feel called to make a difference and feel passionate about co-creating healthier company cultures,  or more aware local/global citizenry, this work is for you. The world is waking up to the importance of deep dialogue, but we also need to know HOW to dialogue to facilitate healing and transformation – and not perpetuate the energy of injury. This is a unique opportunity to learn how to facilitate a process that evokes processing of the emotional material in our collective consciousness, a shift in the status quo, and a co-creation of a future, for every citizen of our planet.

NNI Dialogue Institute Is The Main Sponsor For The Non-Profit Organisation NNI Ignite – spreading transformational dialogue for pro-active citizenship. All participants will be invited to become part of this movement, and pledge their first 12 training dialogues to NNI Ignite as free public dialogues – and receive master level supervision in the process!

Pricing for 4 day Intensive Into to NNI dialogue facilitation:

South Africa R9500 (for economic citizens of Africa – global pricing for attendance in South Africa is R15 000).

Early registration discounted price: R8000

International trainings: 950

  • Limited Half and full scholarships available

Please contact us for more information on these trainings:

[email protected]