Facilitators-in-Training (FiT)

The first cohort of new nni FiTs (Facilitators-in-training) received their first 5day intensive training in May 2013, Pretoria. They have kicked off with a bang and are currently hosting and facilitating nni’s in Jo’burg and Cape Town.

KarenKaren Verburgh

Karen Verburgh (1969) is an expert in the field of Human Development (HD): how and what makes people grow and develop into the best they can be; to live their full potential. She knows about conducive circumstances for growth and development and how one can create those, which she uses in her work as a coach, trainer, learning facilitator and HD consultant. Her clients are individuals, teams and organisations, both profit and not-for-profit throughout all sectors. She always makes sure her clients get a thorough experience of whatever the topic is at the moment. Karen loves helping (groups of) people learn and transform!

You can find out more about and connect with Karen via LinkedIn: za.linkedin.com/in/karenverburgh/

IMG_0344 (Medium) (2)Hermann Funk

Hermann is an Ontological Coach and has always been passionate about growth – his own and that of others.

The first time he was exposed to the concept of dialogue he realised the possibilities dialoguing could open up.
Experiencing the No-Name Initiative during the Rainbow Convention in May 2011, he saw the potential it offered for transformational shifts. The NNI, which incorporates the best coaching, deep democracy and dialogue have to offer, is possibly one of the most powerful tools for opening up new perspectives, overcoming prejudices and seeing the beauty and power in others.

Lawrence Ngorora

Rama Naidu

John Smith

Palesa Mputhing

Seth Rosenberg

Frans Jones

Melanie Brand

Beulah Thumbadoo

Amina Smith

Lydia Plaatjies

Gideon Louw

Fadeela Ally-Schmidt

Sean Khaya

Delia Meyer

Roshan Isaacs

Karen van Zyl

Jennifer Parsley




Master facilitator, trainer and supervisor for nni

Jonelle Naude´

Jonelle NaudeJonelle is a director of Leadership Lab (Cape Town – London) and  founder of the No-Name Initiative. Jonelle trains coaches and facilitators across Europe, South America, Asia and Africa. In South Africa, her dominant focus is large group facilitation, coaching and social innovation that promotes deep democracy, facilitates conflict and power struggles, and empowers active citizenship. An additional facet of Jonelle’s work is research, programme development and coaching/mentoring programme implementation. Jonelle has been involved with the standardisation and research of coaching in South Africa since 2006. Jonelle is an international faculty member of the Coaches Training Institute and  holds a masters degree in psychology. She has she shares her time between Cape Town and London.