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NNI Nairobi Dialogue: NNI Dialogue on Crime – with Youth Workers in Kenya

NNI Nairobi Dialogue
NNI Dialogue on Crime – with Youth Workers in Kenya (facilitated from CT)

NNI Ignite is experimenting with virtual facilitation – we had an insightful dialogue on CRIME, with youth workers in Kenya. These inspiring young adults are involved in charities supporting a food scheme for street children and environmental development. They have been battling with the devastating effect of poverty and crime amongst the youth, and the glamorization of criminal behaviour – to the point of (some) feeling hopeless in their own work and mission.
In this dialogue the voices of the Youth stuck in crime (“this is the only way possible for me”) became a powerful teacher in what it takes to reach out and truly connect, to listen, and sit together: Even if it is not possible to agree or even understand each other on a cognitive level, it remains my “my brother and my sister” not just a “criminal”, and I need to walk over and sit with ‘the other’ as a first step in communication and facilitating change.
Thank you Hital for making this dialogue possible and inviting these inspiring youth workers!


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