nni South Africa

All NNI dialogues and group processes in South Africa run through nniSA, a non-profit movement. So far, every NNI in South Africa has been totally free for participants. Furthermore, all training for new facilitators has been free (NO cost to the attendees) as to create to best possible scenario towards inclusion and accessibility.

Up to now all endeavors of the NNI has been self-funded by the founder, and supported by acts of grace and generosity of friends and colleagues.

Of course this is not sustainable and we are seeking funders and sponsors to support the growth and spread of NNI dialogues in South Africa.

At the same time we are searching new ways to create a sustainable social business where NNI facilitators will not only give their time, energy and passion for the “greater good” – but also enjoy a sense of financial investment. Although we are brainstorming with a handfull of collaborators we currently remain open to additional relationships and/or concepts toward this goal.