Saturday, September 26th, according to NNI FiT Amina Smith, should be called NNI Day…

On this day NNI Ignite had her first public event, an “NNI IGNITE & Friends evening” at the lovely venue 6 Spin Street in Cape Town. The evening had 2 objectives in mind: to gather current FiTs, celebrate them and their NNI dialogues to date; and to invite and include our family and friends in this cause and philosophy.

The evening included:

– A presentation on “what is this NNI methodology?” by Jonelle

– Live music by Blackroots Marimba

– Welcome drinks and a yummy 3 course dinner

– Making new and enjoying old connections, conversations, and community

– Current FiTs sharing some of their NNI experience

The story of 26 September further unfolds that NNI FiT, Amina, who could not be at the event herself, facilitated a NNI dialogue on the same day, which turned out to be her most powerful dialogue ever! One again, we see that we can trust ‘the right people at the right place’: The right people showed up for Amina’s dialogue, the right people attended the NNI & Friends event, the right people did not and was needed elsewhere!

Amina, and four other FiTs (who also could not be at the evening) sent me short video clips prior to the event, to talk about their experiences with NNI which I collated for the audience. Please click to view the 8min video here:

“FiTs sharing their experience – for NNI & Friends evening”

It looks like the original vision of NNI Ignite is starting to happen: “transformational dialogue spreading like a healing virus through the land” 🙂

Here is to September 26th: NNI DAY!

In love and dialogue, Jonelle