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IMG_2032Here you will find different groups, topics and dialogues to engage with.

Start by creating your profile and becoming a member. Anyone who has taken part in an NNI dialogue, or who is interested in doing one soon, can become a member and take part in the discussions.

To see which groups are already active have a look at the nniHUB directory.

If you have already experienced an NNI you are also welcome to request a closed group discussion platform for your group. In addition to any closed groups you are linked with, please engage in the “Open Dialogue”. It is important that we remain in dialogue not only in “closed groups” but in our wider communities.

So go ahead, go and see what is happening in the Open Dialogue – and go and add your voice!

Also, don’t forget to visit the A&A page and add your actions and accountabilities to the list! This is a growing body of documented actions (and accountabilities) that empowered and active citizens have taken towards empowering themselves, their community, and their country.