• 18 March 2018 at 5:24 pm

    Have you already chosen the destination for your next holiday? It’s great if you have it! But you should be aware that there are many factors that increase the price of flights and finding cheap tickets can be very difficult. In fact, this mission is difficult but not impossible. The secret is finally revealed! With our 9 secrets from Google Flights, you’ll learn how to buy cheaper airline tickets and save money.

    How do I buy cheaper airline tickets? The mystery finally reveals itself!

    buy cheap flight tickets google flights application schedule appointments calendar

    Google Flights is a revolutionary application for booking airline tickets. It is an easy-to-use tool for comparing airline tickets. The user can make the most of a confusing experience and, in addition, the tool can provide exceptional speed and customization. To make the experience easier, the user can select the number of stops, the maximum price, the company and the place where he wants to stop in the search bar of the application.

    Google Flights Notifications Phone Laptop Flight Tickets Price Alert

    Google Flight offers the user a mobile alarm system so you do not miss a bargain. Users are notified when the price of a flight increases. The good news is that the same is true for prices that are likely to decline. This allows the user to choose the right time to buy cheaper airline tickets.

    Enable Email Notifications Google Flight Application

    Price down alarm cheap airline tickets with Google application

    Instead of waiting for a telephone notification, the user could use an e-mail notification. If he uses the service, the flights will now inform him about the date or time and the amount of the next price increase of the flight he is interested in, with notifications like “100 € increase in about 8 hours”. But as mentioned earlier, the application will also let you know when there is a chance that the price will fall soon. It is possible to track a particular journey to track tariff evolution and receive notifications by email before an increase or presumed price erosion occurs.

    To save, you have to do a little trick!

    Google Flights Calendar Date Flexible Save money

    If you have free time, take the opportunity to play with the data and find the best deal. One of the most useful features of the app is the ability to compare prices based on the suggested schedule or the Flexible Appointments tool. If you know exactly which destination you want to visit and buy cheaper airline tickets, click on “Calendar” or “Flexible dates”. So, to find cheaper airline tickets, you have to do a little trick. It is a real asset to play on the flexibility of dates and cities of departure and arrival. If you click on the departure date, you will see a small graph with the lowest prices for your trip.

    Google flight application to buy cheap air tickets choose airports

    To save money and buy cheaper airline tickets, Google Flights offers you a very useful solution. This is an option to start multi-target searches. In fact, Google’s application is the one that offers the most flexibility. The user can select several nearby departure or arrival airports to find even more options that suit him.

    Google Map Flights All destinations Date Selection Cheap flight search

    You do not know where to go? Google gives you the best suggestions. The Google Flights application gives you the lowest prices for each destination for the data you want. And it will surprise you with its speed! With a few clicks you have the opportunity to find out the prices of all destinations on every continent on a specific date.

    Google Flights Filter Looking for airline tickets

    On the Google Flights homepage, the user has the ability to choose places where they can afford affordable holidays by filtering them based on various criteria such as dates, locations, or interests. When you make your selection, do not hesitate to be as general or specific as you want.
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