• 31 March 2014 at 12:01 pm

    A great learning this weekend. Some time ago I was invited to facilitate a nni process at an international coach training conference to increase awareness around cultural competency, rank, power and privilege within coach training communities. I was stepping into an international system with a desire and capacity for change and growth around cultural awareness. I acknowledged that I was stepping into a predominantly ‘white’ system (part of what we are hoping will change through more awareness an responsibility for rank and privilege). I somehow thought it was not necessary to start out talking about my own whiteness in this context (as I normally do). And my moment of ‘laziness’ and ‘dismissal’ of the central position of whiteness has come back to haunt us now as we prepare. I am humbled by how we learn deeply each time we slip up. I am strengthened in my understanding of how critical it has become to assume nothing whenever you stand in a position of social rank… You have to make it explicit, always. So, people-of-white-colour, men, heterosexuals (and the list goes on) it is your responsibility to speak first to this, or create the space for speaking to it, always, and not to assume “it goes without saying” even in a very ‘culturally/rank aware’ setting.