NNI aims to play a significant role in igniting a transformational dialogue – globally.

nni endeavours to ignite the principles of systemic transformational dialogue globally, and for it to spread like healing virus. As we access our innate human desire to express and be heard, we also start to heal and evolve as citizens of the world. The nni process allows the individual within the system and the system itself, an opportunity to transcend the victim-triangle, and start to write a new script by prototyping actions and commitments birthed for the new awareness of the dialogue, supported by  accountability structures.

“Spreading the healing virus” is supported by official as well as unofficial dialogues and facilitation processes.

The Official NNI dialogues

We train  facilitators (on an ongoing basis) to hold high number, and high emotional intensity (as needed) group processes. We offer ongoing support, supervision and further development for all nni facilitators (agents of transformation) to ignite and spread deep dialogue in their own communities.

Any individual hoping to become an nni Agent of transformation, must be willing and able to commit to hosting and facilitating at least 12 nni dialogues over 2 years in their own community. Each year facilitators come together to renew their commitment for another year, or step down as official NNI facilitators and be free to choose how to apply their skills in facilitating dialogues in any way they wish.


The Unofficial parallel NNI process

Parallel to the above official NNI facilitations and training of NNI facilitators, each participant in each dialogue create personal actions and commitments to manifest their insights and new awareness practical ways into their own lives. This also means that new healing and courageous conversations ripple out from each dialogue through lives and actions of the dialogue participants.

We envision that this way of dialogue and courageous, honest conversations can seep into the fiber of civic culture, so that societies and systems can evolve, be heard and be seen, whilst transforming the way we are in relationship with each other.