NNI aims to play a significant role in igniting a transformational dialogue – globally.

The NNI will endeavour to ignite the principles of deep democracy and transformational dialogue, to spread like healing virus accessing our innate human desire to express, be heard, and evolve as citizens of the world. The NNI process addresses the individual within the system and the system itself, and  offers an opportunity to simultaneously facilitate the underlying psychological need of the people (to transform from disempowerment, through healing, to empowerment) as well as the need for action and accountability through structures (towards social, economic and political redress).

“Spreading the healing virus” is supported by official as well as unofficial dialogues and facilitation processes. In our effort to maximise the sharing, accessibility and spread we  train expert facilitators (on an ongoing basis) to hold high number and high emotional intensity (as needed) group processes, and to offer support, supervision and further development for all active citizens to initiate deep democracy dialogues. As such, the initiating of dialogues will have an opportunity to become a systemic practice and part of the civil society culture.

Many countries, have the potential to  manage and maintain  investment in its civic and economic health. Nonetheless, we self-sabotage even our best efforts and opportunities through distrust, mismanagement, corruption, lack of transparency, apathy and limited access to personal development. For NNI these are not technical or logistical issues, but reflect psychological and behavioural systems.

The Official NNI dialogues

The training structure for new NNI facilitators-in-training (nniFiTs) an initial solid base and foundation of skills, knowledge and experience for the NNI to grow from.  For any individual to become an nniFiT they must be able to commit to hosting at least 1 NNI per month (in their own community, family, schools, churches or workplace) during the first year. Each year facilitators will come together to renew their commitment for another year, or step down as official NNI facilitators and be free to choose how to apply their skills in facilitating dialogues in any way they wish.


The Unofficial parallel NNI process

Parallel to the above official NNI facilitations and training of NNI facilitators, each participant in each dialogue will be encouraged to actively engage with this type of resilience building conversation in their own lives. This is not about becoming a NNI facilitator per se, but more about ‘walking the talk’ of living in integrity and being an active citizen. We envision that this way of dialogue and courageous, honest conversations will seep into the fiber of civic culture, so that societies and systems can evolve, be heard and be seen, whilst transforming the way we are in relationship with each other. The power of the unofficial NNI dialogues points to exponential growth and spread, as each participant in each dialogue has the potential to touch and engage an unlimited number of people. This could be referred to as ‘the power of numbers’ or simply the ‘power of n’.