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Women’s Day NNI – Consciousness Café

This women’s day – Consciousness Café was fortunate to be invited into the Pretoria space through the Torralbas Burchell family. At the Open Warehouse, 2 men and several women chose the topic of “How do we (as women) take men along on the journey to a better society”
The topic was a heavy one; with a heavy gravity being felt in the room from the very beginning of the dialogue. Women expressed their frustration with a world that ignores their abilities; pays them less; and dismisses their emotions and opinions because they’re on their period or they are pmsing. Apart from the violence that patriarchy has made normal in women’s lives, the group was absorbed in a moment of the myriad of difficulties standing between a better society for all; both men and women.
Men became vulnerable and expressed the sheer fear they feel for what women are capable of, and the strength they show in dealing with emotions, and how women just do the very things men fail and are so challenged to do with such grace and finesse. We acknowledged the need for each other in a society filled with broken men; and even though we can call them trash, what next? How do we fix the next generation of men; most of all – is it our job as women to keep fixing when that’s all we’ve been doing?

The dialogue reached a pmore hopeful space when we realized our collective responsibility in changing the status quo. Men realized their responsibility in challenging male friends and family when they spoke out of turn and perpetuated patriarchy. Equally; women realized that as fatigued as they are, we still need to keep calling out injustice and addressing issues whenever we can.

It was an important and necessary conversation, and we were all lifted out of complacency and encouraged to keep up the good fight for women in our society

We ended off with a delicious hearty braai to feed the hungry but determined soul.


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